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Our Team

Executive Board

International Museum Youth Council (IMYC)

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Chelsea Hu Teen Mobile Arts Founder and CEO


Crystal Olisaemeka Aduaka Nigeria IMYC


Brenda Nelson
China and Taiwan IMYC


Natwijuka Gilbert Shoto
Uganda IMYC


Jack Nelson
China and Taiwan IMYC

(Nigeria IMYC) Crystal Olisaemeka Aduak, is a hyperrealism pencil artist from Lagos-Nigeria. He started drawing professionally at the age of 19 but had a passion for art even in childhood. He had no formal art training, so it took a lot of patience and hours of daily practice to understand shading, light, proportions, and self-teach. He derives inspiration from the people he meets, the struggles and beauty of his environment, and God. 

(China and Taiwan IMYC) Brenda Nelson finds that music, drawing, and helping others in need are her passions. Brenda and her twin brother, Jack, founded the "Enable Music and Art" project to bring art and music together globally.  

Founder and CEO, Chelsea Hu 
I love art and have studied painting and sketching for over eight years. I find that artistic expression transcends cultural and political arguments, allowing me to express my voice intuitively and openly. As an artist and arts advocate, I am painfully aware of how seemingly impossible it is for teen artists to have commercial success or long-term exhibitions of their art in the community. So, I founded the non-profit, Teen Mobile Arts, to redefine the impossible and provide a traveling platform for teen artists to exhibit in concert with each other. Now the Teen Mobile Arts movement has expanded internationally to Senegal, Liberia, Nigeria, Uganda, Taiwan, and China. 100% of the proceeds from the sales go the teen artists’ favorite charities such as: Rehab Africa, Fight Against Rape (FAR), and the Foladavid Foundation. Redefining the impossible should not be a temporary state of mind accelerated by world crises, rather a new outlook encouraging us to bring the best of ourselves to the world. 

(China and Taiwan IMYC) Jack Nelson enjoys three main things: music, arts, and helping people. An advocate for the arts, Jack and his twin sister created the "Enable Music and Art" project to bring art and music together globally by donating instruments and online education to orphanages in China and Taiwan. 

(Uganda IMYC) Natwijuka Gilbert Shoto is a Ugandan visual artist. He is majoring in Art and Industrial Design at Kyambogo University. He adopts the use of different media that include water, acrylic and oil colors, and charcoal. He also works with other art disciplines such as textiles and graphics. His work is a description and expression of Africa’s rich cultural values, inspired by the socio-economic lifestyle in the pure African setting. He presents his art internationally to foreign communities and cultures with the intention of spreading positivity through the race at large. His work in painting and drawing is done with a technique he calls "They say I use soot,” a composition of petroleum or oil and charcoal.  

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Moussa Seck
Sénégal IMYC

Alec Gooding USA IMYC

Kavya Parikh
India IMYC

Assy Diallo
Sénégal IMYC

Jimmy Dasaw
Liberia IMYC

Zhiyi (Alice) Gu
China IMYC

(Sénégal IMYC) Moussa Seck is an artist in Junior High School from Dakar, Senegal. He specializes in plastic art and is also a graphic designer. Moussa has participated in many national and international exhibitions.

(USA IMYC) Alec Gooding (aka Spike), is a 17 year-old artist who has been studying and practicing street art for nine years. When he was younger, Alec created public art installations with sidewalk chalk, making elaborate murals and images that often took days to complete but washed away with the next rain. At age 12 his painting was featured at public art spaces, at which point he moved to spray paint as a medium on canvas, wood and cardboard. Alec has exhibited at art walks throughout Seattle, completed a public art installation for a Seattle area school, and has his pieces displayed in private collections throughout Washington and California.

(India IMYC) Kavya Parikh is a high school freshman and art-journalist from New Jersey. A devoted fine artist and dancer, Kavya has received media attention for having created pivotal art-journalism pieces during the pandemic: "A Lexicon of a Novel Virus" and "Generation Misinformation." these works now hang in new jersey libraries. Her love for the arts as a tool for expression in politics, healthcare, and community action has played a large role in her life from a young age. 

(Sénégal IMYC) Assy Diallo, a 17 year-old artist who attends the Groupe Scolaire de Bentenier High School in the suburb of Dakar, Senegal is on a mission to bring the outside art world to Senegal, while promoting Senegal's art and history to the outside world.

(Liberia IMYC) Jimmy Dasaw is the principal of a community-based junior and elementary school in the city of Paynesville, Liberia named “Kiddies College.” Jimmy is also an artist and a graphic designer who expresses African nature and culture to the global community. He has participated in many national and international exhibitions.

Zhiyi (Alice) Gu is from Shenzhen, China and is the founder of ALICE-GU: an international sneaker company featuring Alice's original designs that embrace East/West collaboration for Gen Y. For Alice, design tells a story of who people are and where they have been. Alice is a trained artist, musician, and dancer, Alice received her level 12 art certification in Beijing, and is also the founder of “Artree,” a non-profit underwritten by the Chinese American Pathologist Association which helps China’s children overcome their familial losses due to Covid-19 by using art therapy.