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Teen Mobile Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

All contributions are fully deductible as allowed by law.

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     To help combat the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Teen Mobile Arts will give every dollar raised to purchase surgical face masks and PPE for senior homes in Metro D.C., cancer patients in treatment, and Inova Hospital medical professionals. To date, they have contributed 5,000 surgical face masks to at-risk communities, and the efforts are ongoing.  They also joined forces with other organizations to donate cases of masks to nine hospitals in Wuhan, China, when the outbreak of Coronavirus was at its peak in Asia this past winter.

     Teen Mobile Arts, a non-profit that brings together talented teen artists into a mobile art ensemble, exhibiting in shops, restaurants, and businesses throughout Virginia, raises visibility for young artists while bringing new patronage to local “partnering” businesses. Unlike instrumentalists, fine artists do not have diverse opportunities to perform either as soloists or in ensemble or have their interpretations appreciated by large audiences. The most typical place for high school artists’ work to be exhibited is inside the walls of their schools. Trough Teen Mobile Arts’ rotating shows the artists become a chamber ensemble, exhibited “in concert” with each other and moving from place to place.


The latest efforts of Teen Mobile Arts is its international young artists’ online gallery exhibition. To donate to the future of young artists around the world, stop by our online gallery at:   and select a beautiful and unique piece by art students from the U.S., Senegal, Liberia, Nigeria, China, and Egypt, to name a few.


Teen Mobile Arts: bringing the young art world together.



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Chelsea Hu

Founder & CEO of Teen Mobile Arts


Teen Mobile Arts in Africa!